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Price List

Conservation through Ecologically, Ethical & Economically Sustainable Utilisation,

Utrecht - Balelesberg, Northern KwaZulu-Natal

Specials and prices for our Norwegian Clients ... for the 2019 - 2020 Hunting Seasons.

We are currently in process of updating our price list, until this is complete, pricing may vary from that shown below

Balele Hunting Wildlife Conservation

For the convenience of our Norwegian Clients, we have included our price list in Norwegian Krone.

We also have some Management Specials running for the period, please contact us for more information about these.

Price list for the 2019-20 Hunting Season

Adult Male
Blue Wildebeast
Common Duiker
Red Hartebeast
Mountain Reedbuck
Black Wildebeast
Common Reedbuck
Bushpig (Male/Female)

Daily Rates

1 Hunter / 1 Professional Hunter
NOK3000.00 / day
2 Hunters / 1 Professional Hunter
NOK2750.00 / day
2 Hunters / 2 Professional Hunters
NOK2850.00 / day
Non Hunting Observers
NOk1000.00 / day

Game Bird / "Wing Shooting"

Balele Hunting Wildlife Conservation
Game bird hunting is done upon request on surrounding crop farms in the morning and evenings, with plentiful birds. 

We offer a very interesting combination of hunting methods with wing shooting of doves, pigeons, Egyptian geese and aquatic birds over decoys. 

We do driven hunts for Guinea Fowl and hunt with dogs for francolins, partridges and quail. 

The Bird Shooting is season dependent and is done mostly between June and August. 

Game bird hunts costs an extra NOK1000.00 day, above the normal daily rate, with no charge for birds taken within bag limits.

Balele Hunting Wildlife Conservation

Problem Animal Control

This is done at night on surrounding stock farms, and is done to assist local stock farmers, only specific problem animals are targeted. 

These hunts are done professionally and the emphasis is on removing problem causing animals. 

These control hunts cost an extra NOK600.00 over the normal daily rate, with Black Back Jackal costing NOK750.00 and Caracal NOK2500.00.

Our Day Rates Include

  1. Services of our fully qualified, licensed professional hunters.
  2. Accommodations in  comfortable hunting camps or lodges.
  3. Full safari support staff as required.
  4. Complete meals and all beverages (excl. alcohol).
  5. Field preparation of all trophies.
  6. Airports pick up/drop off (closest airport to hunting area).
  7. Value added tax (14%) on all prices.
  8. Delivery of trophies to Taxidermist for preparation or shipping.

The items not included in the day rates

  1. Trophy fees on animals taken or wounded
  2. Costs of dipping, packing, crating and shipping charges for trophies
  3. Costs of air charters as required or requested (out of the offered by the company)
  4. Costs of any required hotel accommodations (out of the offered by the company)
  5. Gratuities for safari staff/professional hunters.

Terms of Business

  1. 50% of the daily rate or package is required as a deposit to confirm a safari. The balance of the daily rate must be paid upon arrival.
  2. All fees are payable in NOK or Rands. Payments made in cash, traveler's checks or electronic transfer.
  3. No deposit refund on cancellations less than 3 months prior to hunt.

We run special package hunts every year, these are designed to facilitate the 'take off' of animals in our management areas.

Gen1:30  “And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air..”